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Do I Need Repairs or Replacements for My Fire Safety Systems and Equipment?

Like any type of home system, the fire safety equipment that you have on hand needs attention. That includes a fire extinguisher inspection from time to time as well as checks of alarms and other equipment. When do you know that the time for maintenance and repairs has passed, and you need to invest in new equipment? Here are some suggestions that will help.

The Results of Your Last Inspection

You have a schedule for fire equipment inspection so that you can be assured everything is fine. After a system or even a fire extinguisher inspection, it pays to go over the results with a professional. While the most recent fire extinguisher maintenance may not indicate that you need to do something right now, the results may confirm that some changes need to be made in the next year or so. The information you receive from the fire extinguisher inspection service will help you to prepare for making those upgrades.

The Age of the Equipment

The fact that your system and equipment is older doe not automatically mean it must be replaced. It does mean that you may want to invest in more frequent fire extinguisher testing and maybe an additional fire system inspection annually to ensure everything remains in proper working order.

When the fire extinguisher maintenance service believes that your current setup needs to be updated, expect a detailed analysis of what needs to be replaced. This may come after a routine fire extinguisher testing near me or after a full system check.

The Recent Performance During a Small Fire

There was a small fire in the kitchen. Fortunately, it was extinguished quickly and the damage is mainly cosmetic. The issue is that you are not sure every part of your fire suppression equipment worked as it was supposed to work.

Don’t wait for your next regularly scheduled fire equipment inspection. Call to arrange a full fire extinguisher inspection as well as an inspection of other equipment. Perhaps the fire extinguisher inspection service will find some minor issue that needs to be corrected. They may also determine it’s time for you to invest in some new equipment.

The Availability of Warranties and Service Contracts

Warranties and service contracts are great since they help keep the cost of maintenance, repair, and general upkeep more affordable. As with many types of home systems, the day will come when the warranties expire and offering service contracts involves too much risk for different services.

When this happens, your best bet is to talk with the team at the fire extinguisher maintenance service about replacement equipment. You will want to know what sort of warranties and guarantees come with the new setup, including what sort of fire extinguisher maintenance is included. Once the new system and equipment are in place, a quick-fire extinguisher testing will ensure all is well. You’ll once again have warranty protection and a service contract that ensures everything from system inspections to fire extinguisher testing near me is covered.

Your Instincts

If you have a feeling that it’s time to replace something, don’t brush it off. Even if the results of the most recent fire system inspection indicate you can get by for a while before replacing anything, go ahead and make plans to upgrade your fire safety equipment. Paying attention to your instincts could end up preventing property damage or injuries to someone you love.

Remember that after the changes are made, a full fire equipment inspection will take place. If anything is not quite right, the issue can be resolved at once. The same is true with a new fire extinguisher inspection. The fire extinguisher inspection service will not be satisfied until you are happy with the new equipment and the way it functions.

Your diligence with the fire extinguisher maintenance and other equipment upkeep has served you well. When the fire extinguisher maintenance service tells you that trying to maintain those aging units is not in your best interests, take them seriously. The reasons behind their recommendations have to do with the fire extinguisher testing and the results. That’s why you set up the fire extinguisher testing near me in the first place. Have new systems and equipment installed and see what the results of the full fire system inspection indicate. If the new additions make everything fine again, you are good to go for a long time.