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What is a self storage unit?

Self-storage units are a kind of separate closed rooms, equipped with alarm sensors, in which you can store your personal belongings. There are a lot of companies in Canada offering self storage facilities for rent. If you need to store your seasonal items or sport equipment, you can take advantage self storage Toronto or self storage North York.

How do self storage companies ensure the safety of personal property?

As a rule, most self storage facilities are fully fenced and equipped with 24-hour video surveillance - both internal and external. All reputable self storage companies are doing their best to prevent possible break-ins. In order to maximize security, all self storage units are equipped with an alarm system. The access to self-storage units is available only to the tenant. Neither security codes nor storage number are given out over the phone. In order to obtain this information, a client has to show his ID with the photo.

Does a self-storage company provide boxes and other packing material for storing things?

Preparing for self-storage in Toronto or North York, you will need the right boxes to pack your stuff. Every self-storage company gives you the opportunity to purchase the necessary packaging materials like cardboard boxes, scotch tape, stretch film, bubble wrap and other packing essentials. If you have problems packing your things yourself, you can as well order packaging service from the self-storage company and the specialists will professionally pack all your belongings.

What things are forbidden to store in self storage units?

You cannot store the following items in self storage units:

  • cash and other valuables;
  • dangerous substances (explosive, radioactive, toxic, narcotic, combustible-lubricating, flammable), as well as volatile liquids and gases, ammunition, weapons, etc.);
  • industrial and household paints in unsealed or previously opened packaging;
  • plants and animals;
  • food;
  • any objects that can cause damage to the property of the self storage company and / or third parties or harm to human health.
  • Do self storage companies provide transportation services?

    Yes, they do. Most self storage companies work with the moving companies which deal with all types of relocations: apartment, office, even cafe and restaurant and offer all sort of additional services like loading, packing, etc. It is also possible to rent a truck from self storage companies, which facilitates the process of self storage.

    What is the smallest self storage unit, which can be rented?

    Today self storage companies provide self storage units of any size in which you can keep almost everything ranging from books to vehicles. Before renting a storage unit, you should know what you are going to store. If you are planning to keep seasonal items like winter clothes or a bike, you don’t need to rent a big unit. However, if you are planning to store a vehicle, you need a large self storage facility.